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Online Payments for Fundraising, Team Fees, Camps and Merchandise
Online Payments for Fundraising, Team Fees, Camps and Merchandise

Camps, Merchandise, Fundraising.

How can I view a list of restarted product payments?When a subscription is cancelled it can be restarted by the payer and admins can view a list of restarted subscriptions on the dashboard.
What system reports are available on ClubZap?Details of reports which can be configured to be automatically emailed on a weekly basis to your club executive
How do ClubZap QR Codes work?
Exporting Attendee Lists for your CampsExport a list of people who have signed up for your Summer, Easter, Halloween or other camp for your club. © 2022:
How do I add custom fields to my products?Customise your products with text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, multi select, date select and policy acceptance fields.
Sorting product listings in your club shop.Define what products appear above others in the product list.
How do I restart a failed product subscription payment?When a subscription payment fails it is retried 4 times before entering an errored state. Restarting a failed subscription is detailed here.
How can I provide a product sales receipt for payer or resend receipt emailYou can generate an official receipt for product sales at any time via the admin portal or resend the original email receipt.
How do I change the frequency of Stripe payouts?Select the timing of when you receive your Stripe funds after a successful payment.
How do I complete a full or partial refund of a product payment or cancel any further subscription payments?Refund full product payment or partial amount and cancel further subscriptions where applicable.
How to Clone an existing fundraising product?Simplify the process of creating new camp, merchandise and fundraising products with a single click.
How can I export camp sign up list?ClubZap simplifies sign up for sports camps and organisers can view and export the full registered list or a segment based any form fields.
What payment options are available for membership and fundraising?We can support a number of payment options including once off, subscription based, pay by instalments and Recurring payments.
Adding new products for saleCreate and manage products for sale including fundraising, camps, merchandise and fees.
How can I sell fundraising online.Create new products and publish for sale via ClubZap.
Activate or DeActivate an existing productProducts can be enabled or disabled for sale at any time.
Modify an existing productDisable or modify a product that exists for sale
How can I export the product sales into a report.Useful for events where you want a list of who has paid to cross check with their digital receipt.
Managing your Club Camp with ClubZapSimplify the registration, payment and communication process for your camps