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How can I pause and resume subscription payments?
How can I pause and resume subscription payments?

You can temporarily freeze subscription payments for both membership and product payments on a individual basis and resume at a later stage.

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Pausing an existing membership subscription payment

To begin the process login to the ClubZap admin portal and select the Membership link from the menu and select the "Members" button. 

  1. Search for the member name you wish to suspend payments for.

  2. In the Membership details section click on the membership id:

  3. Select the following

  • Pause - This will pause future subscription payments for this payer until you manually resume the subscription. Confirming the freezing of payments will see the member(s) associated with this payment removed from the member list and their status will show as paused in the "Paused Subscriptions" table.

Resume a suspended membership subscription payment

Repeat steps 1) and 2) above.
3) Select the Resume Payments option

Pausing an existing product subscription payment

To begin the process login to the ClubZap admin portal and select the Products link from the menu and select the "Product Sales" button. 

  1. Search for the payer name you wish to suspend payments for and click on their name.

  2. Select the Pause option


What type of payments can be suspended?
Both Membership and Product Sales / Fundraising payments which are setup to be paid in subscriptions can be paused provided the subscription is not already completed.

How can I view paused subscriptions?
On the ClubZap Portal go to

Membership -> Membership Sales
Products -> Product Sales

When a subscription has been paused you will see the the payer(s) associated with this payment in the "Paused Subscriptions" table. The table will show the Payer name, date of last payment and number of payments completed.

How can I view when a subscription was paused and resumed?
In the the Membership Sales or Product Sales list you can click on any payer for a full audit trail with details of all transactions including payments successful, failed, paused and resumed.

Are all payer subscriptions paused or is it on an individual basis?
Payments are paused based on an individual basis so depending on a persons circumstances individuals can have their payments frozen for a custom period.

When does the next payment occur after a subscription has resumed?
The payment date for subscriptions is based on the day of the month your payer makes their first subscription payment. So for example if someone makes their first subscription payment on the 10th of the month further payments will occur on the 10th of the following months. When a subscription is suspended and resumed the next payment will again be on the day of original payment (e.g: 10th).
Example: You subscribe to a membership/product payment selecting to pay via the 4 instalments option on the 10th February. Payment #2 is automatically debited on 10th March and then on the 15th March you request the club to pause your payments so you have 2 payments remaining. On the 15th May you inform the club you wish to resume payments so the next payment (#3) will be debited on 10th June and final payment will be completed on 10th July.

What are the benefits of pausing a subscription payment?
Providing the option to pause a payers subscription means that they will still remain as an active profile on your system so on resumption of payments their is no manual intervention required by the payer. This differs to cancelling a subscription where they would need to start a new subscription.

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