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How do I restart a failed membership subscription payment?
How do I restart a failed membership subscription payment?

When a subscription payment fails it is retried 4 times before entering an errored state. Restarting a failed subscription is detailed here.

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When a member selects the option to pay their membership via instalments these payments are automatically debited based on the payment interval the club has configured for that membership product. (e.g: Monthly)

If a payment fails it will be retried automatically based on a schedule of retries determined using Smart Retries to optimize the schedule and number of retries. The Smart Retries feature attempts to retry the customer’s charge up to four times within a customizable period. Following this the payment enters an errored state and subsequently becomes a cancelled subscription. These failed payments can now be restarted by club administrators.

Payment States

Subscription Errored means that a payment attempt has failed due to reasons such as insufficient funds. This will be retried.

Subscription Cancelled means the retries have been exhausted or a permanent error was reported from the bank so no more retries will be attempted.

To begin the process login to the ClubZap admin portal and select the Membership link from the menu and select "Members".

  1. To view your cancelled subscriptions enter the word Cancelled in the search bar. Errored payments can be seen in the Failed Payments table towards the bottom of the bottom of the Membership Sales page.

  2. Click on the payer name to view their payment profile.

  3. If the membership is in an errored state you will first need to cancel the subscription as detailed here.

  4. If the payment is in a cancelled state you can restart the payment by clicking the buttons similar to what's highlighted in this screenshot below.

  5. Once the Restart Subscription option has been triggered an email will be sent to that members payment email address provided on original signup.


What type of payments can re restarted?

Any member subscription in a state of Subscription cancelled can be restarted. A membership will enter this state if:

  1. The maximum number of automatic retries has been exceeded.

  2. An admin has manually cancelled a membership subscription as detailed here.

Note: The first payment is debited immediately when a member resumes payments so if you cancel a subscription and restart payments close to the last successful payment that person may have multiple payments in quick succession.

How can I restart an errored payment?

Any subscription that is currently in an errored state will have to be cancelled before you are able to initiate a restart payment request. Details on how to cancel a subscription here.

How will I know if a person has accepted the request to restart payments?

On the membership sales dashboard when you view the members profile the subscription status will show a subscribed status:

Can I resend the restart payment email request to a subscriber?

Yes, the email can be resent following the steps above for restarting payments. There is no limit on the number of times the email can be sent. However it is advisable that the club contacts the member prior to sending the restart email to explain the situation and the process otherwise the email may be ignored.

How can I check when a restart payment request was last sent?

In the Membership -> Members view of your admin dashboard click on the payment name to view a summary of their payment history. The blue information status shows the date of the last restart request. i.e.: 5 Nov 2020 in this example.

What does the email requesting payments to be restarted look like?

Here is an example of the email detailing the amount paid to date along with the button to restart the payment. The email will be customized for your club with your own crest and name.

What happens when someone clicks on the Restart Payments button?

The member will be presented with a screen displaying their membership profile information which they can edit or confirm their intention to restart payments. When they confirm they will be presented with the Stripe payment screen to enter their card details to restart the payment.

Can I use a different card to complete the payments?

Yes, as part of the process for restarting payments you will be requested to enter the card details for making the payment. This does not have to be the same card as originally entered for the initial payments.

When will the first payment be debited?

The first payment will be debited immediately when the card details have been successfully entered with subsequent payments based on the original interval period. (e.g.: monthly)

Does the member receive confirmation on payment?

Yes, the member will receive an email receipt on each successful payment which will also inform them of the next payment date as well as payments remaining if any.

Can I change the email address to which the member receives the restart payment email?

Yes, the restart payment email is sent to the address associated with the members profile which can be updated by editing their membership record.

How can I check when the next payment retry is due?

If you click on the Membership sale you can see the next retry date

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