Creating a new membership package
Customise your membership forms to collect the information you require on each member.
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  1. To begin the process login to the admin portal and select the Membership -> Membership Packages link from the menu and select the "Add Packages" button.

  2. Complete the input fields to customise your package. Details on each field here:

Membership Data Fields

Primary Details

Name: Name of membership package being made available for sale. 

Description: Details of membership package including what it covers, age restrictions etc. (e.g: 2 Adult Full Membership with voting rights and 2 youth memberships)

Price : Cost of membership package.

Currency: Local currency used in your clubs location

Membership Specification

Membership Type: Choice of Youth, Full, Honourary, Social

Membership Description: This relates to the type of membership you selected in the previous step as opposed to the overall membership package description detailed above. For family memberships with a mix of membership type it is useful to provide a description of what each member profile means. (e.g: Playing Youth with no voting rights)

Max number of this type of member allowed in this package: Set to 1 for a single member package or 4 or a maximum of 4 members in a group plan. Max value is 10.

Is this member type most likely to be a playing member? Checked means yes, unchecked = no

Required Fields

Require Email: Check this box of you require email information for this member. If its a youth membership this is not normally ticked and instead the Parents Email is gathered further down.

Require Phone Number: Check this box of you require phone information for this member. If its a youth membership this is not normally ticked and instead the Parents Phone is gathered further down.

Required Validations

Parental Consent: Tick this if parental consent feature is required for this membership specification. If the Membership type is for an Adult then this should not be ticked. 

Emergency Contact: Tick if you wish to gather the Emergency contact name and phone number for this member you are adding.
Medical Conditions: Tick if you wish to gather the MEdical condition information for this member you are adding.

This allows you to add another membership specification to this membership plan. The membership type can be the same or of a different type to the previous membership specification created and have its own custom fields such as Parental Consent check boxes etc. Using this action facilitates the creation of Family plans.
This deletes the membership specification you have just created.

Additional Fees

Name: Extra fees such as levies or insurance costs etc you wish to add onto the package cost.
Price: Cot of this additional fee. Note this cost is appended to the membership cost defined above in the Primary Details section..

Parental Consent

If the package is a youth member only then you should gather the parental information so you have contact details such as email and phone number. If you already have the parent info gathered above as a member then no need to gather this again.

Require parent forename: Tick to gather the Parents First Name.
Require parent surname: Tick to gather the Parents Last Name
Require parent mobile: Tick to gather the Parents Mobile Number.
Require parent email: Tick to gather the Parents Email Address.

Require parental Consent: This is the master on/off for the Parental Control consent information and checkbox. If your have parental control enabled for a specific membership type in a multi member package it must also be ticked here.
Parental Consent Disclaimer: This contains information on the disclaimer for parental consent for clubs. It usually details info on social media policy for photos etc. Links to external code of conduct can also be included. 

Club Policy

Require acceptance of club policy: Tick this checkbox to include the Club Policy Disclaimer in the membership form. If it is enabled it will appear for each member in a multi package.
Club Policy Disclaimer: This contains info on clubs code of conduct/ethics etc. Links to external code of conduct can also be included.

Payment Specification

Make package invisible to your members: Tick box if this membership package is to be hidden from general sale. This can be required in cases where packages exist for coaches kids which are not for general availability. If you wish to share the link to a hidden package privately it is available to view after the package has been created or by viewing the package details in the admin dashboard at any time.

Allow Payments in Instalments: Tick box if subscription based payment allowed.
Num of instalments:
Number of instalments that will be debited to complete the membership payment. (e.g: 6 = 6 payments 30 days apart).
Billed every: Frequency of instalments based on choice of 1/2/3 Months.
Example: If Num of instalments = 2 and Billed every 2 Months then first payment will be today and next payment will be this day in 2 months time; e.g: 23/02 and 23/04 

Pass card fees on: This checkbox defines who will pay for the transaction fees associated with online payments. The club can choose to absorb the transaction fees (box unchecked) or pass on to the member so there membership totals cost is the membership fee + transaction costs. 

Receipt Details

We automatically send an email receipt on behalf of your club to everyone who purchases a membership. This includes a purchase reference number, amount paid and details of how the payment was made. If you would like to add an additional note to the email receipt, please include it in this section.

Can I turn off instalments option for packages?
Yes, you can disable the instalment option for payments and this will not affect any existing subscriptions. This is done as follows:

  1. Login to Admin Portal

  2. Go to Membership -> Membership Packages

  3. Select the edit option beside the package

  4. Remove the tick from the instalments check box  

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