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How do membership waiting lists work?
How do membership waiting lists work?

If your club membership is oversubscribed or you wish to vet new members then implementing a waiting list can simplify this process.

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When the membership waiting list feature is enabled a white list can be applied to allow existing members bypass the waiting list. The waiting list is normally based on the payment email addressed used for a previous season.

When a new member fills in their membership form and submits their details, their email address is checked against the whitelist and if no match is found their membership profile is added to the waiting list and they will receive an email informing them of this.

The club administrator can view the waiting list via the admin dashboard and approve people currently on the list which in turn triggers an email to that person with a link to pay. They have already entered their information so the process just involves payment. As soon as payment is made the person is gone form the waiting list and becomes a club member.

How to view a Waiting list

  1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal (

  2. Go to Membership -> Membership Sales and provided someone exists in the Wait list then the option to view the list will appear. If the wait list is empty the link to view does not appear.

3. To Approve, Delete or Remove someone from the list go to the Actions column.

So now on the waitlist admin page an administrator can:

Remove a member who has been approved but not paid off the Wait list

Delete a member who has not been approved yet off the wait list.

If the requesting member has been previously approved and subsequently removed by the admin then clicking on the original approval email by that user will see them redirected to a page displaying their membership profile which they can submit again to get back on the waiting list.

If a person has been deleted from the Wait list they can fill in the membership form from scratch again and be added to the wait list again

How to resend a payment link when someone is approved from the waitlist?

When someone has been approved from the waiting list they will receive an email with a payment link to complete their membership signup. If there is a case where a person did not receive this email or has deleted it in error you can resend the payment link email as follows:

  1. Login to the ClubZap Admin Portal

  2. Go to Membership -> Membership Sales -> Waitlist

  3. Click on the name of the person in the Billed To Column you want to resent the payment link to.

  4. Click on the ellipsis to access a menu and select Resend Approval

Note: The latest payment email link will overwrite any previous payment link emails received.

What is the member experience with Wait Lists?

If a waitlist is enabled for a membership package by a club the following is the user experience for a new member:

When a new potential member fills in the membership form and enter their email address, a check is completed to see if they were a member of the club last season - If the email address is not on the Whitelist they will be added to the waitlist and the following confirmation screen is displayed when they submit their form.

Note: They are not charged at this stage and will remain on the waitlist until they are accepted by the club or deleted from the list. They do not receive an email confirming they are on the Waitlist - the only confirmation is as per screenshot above.

When a club administrator accepts a new members application form the Waitlist the new member will receive an email with a link to allow them to process their membership payment. they will not be required to enter their details again only to proceed to payment.

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