Group Chat

Team coordination & communication

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ClubZap App

Details on getting started on ClubZap and ensuring you have access to all that is happening in your club.

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Will ClubZap work for my club?

An insight into what the benefits are of using ClubZap for your club.

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Getting ClubZap setup for my club

How to carry out common tasks as part of ClubZap setup by sport club admins.

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Communicating with your members & supporters.

A how to guide on adding content to ensure all channels of communication are up to date.

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Club Membership collection & management

Create membership packages with custom forms and automate the collection process.

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Online Payments for Fundraising, Team Fees, Camps and Merchandise

Camps, Merchandise, Fundraising.

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ClubZap Website Template

Details how to manage your club website using ClubZap

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Data Protection - GDPR

Information on Data Protection compliance for sports clubs using the Clubify platform.

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Details on running and managing your club lotto.

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Foireann GAA System

Describes the integration between the ClubZap Membership Management Platform and the Foireann Registration Platform

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Online Payments

Reconciling online payments with your bank account

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Websites - Integrating your existing Website with ClubZap

via Wordpress Plugin, API, iFrames

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