Can I clone a membership package?

You can clone a membership package from a previous season to expedite the setup of new packages for the coming season.

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To clone membership products for a new season you must ensure you have created the new season first. Details on this procedure here.

  1. To begin the process login to the admin portal and select the Membership link from the menu and select the "Membership Settings" button. 

Note: This menu item will only appear when you have the online payments setup as detailed here.

2. Select the Membership Packages link to view existing packages for each season.
3. Select Clone Old Packages button.

4. Choose the season the membership package exists in that you wish to clone.
5. Tick the checkbox for the package you wish to clone.

The package will be created with the same name in the new season but will have a unique package id for differentiating it from the cloned package. You can edit any of the fields on the new package such as price etc.

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