How our Membership Management works
Admins create packages and track payments on our membership dashboard while supporters can pay membership online via multiple channels.
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Enable Online Membership

To start creating membership packages for sale you must 

  1. Setup your account for online payments as detailed here.

  2. Once completed you can create your packages with custom forms for each package.

  3. Enable membership.

Online Payments
Club membership signup can be completed via the ClubZap app, club website powered by ClubZap or any other channel where you can share the membership link (e.g: Social Media). Membership payments are handled via our payment gateway partner Stripe. Once a membership payment is successful the members profile is added to the ClubZap membership database immediately. Payment for membership is transferred by Stripe to the club bank account after 7 days which is the norm for all Stripe customers. 

Following payment the payer will receive a digital receipt via email from the ClubZap platform. Clubs can view all their member info on the admin dashboard and export the list to .csv format at any stage.

Checking Payments Due from Stripe

  1. Login to your stripe account here

  2. Select Payouts  to see a historic list of payments made to your account. Any record marked as "in transit" means its on the way with payment for this made by the payer in the last 7 days.

  3. Select Balance to see what's due for transfer to your account - See example here

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