How can I sell fundraising online.

Create new products and publish for sale via ClubZap.

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Once you have online payments enabled on your ClubZap account you can start selling products which can be anything from Event Tickets, Club Merchandise (Hats, Jerseys etc), Fundraising draws etc.

To start selling fundraising:

  1. Create a new product as detailed here

  2. Promote your product among your followers using your ClubZap App, Website and your social media channels

Promoting your fundraiser

Publishing some new content about the fundraiser with a link to support the event will get your followers engaged regarding the event. A link to the product for sale can be included in the article and a push notification sent to inform all your followers of the fundraiser.
Products will appear for sale in the Club Shop Section of your ClubZap app and website while a public link to the products page can be shared on social media:

Managing Sales
Product sales will appear on your Admin Dashboard under Products -> Product Sales and include details of all purchase attempts (Successful & Failed). A full report on product sales can be exported.

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