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Club Membership collection & management
Manage your squad members status and add new group admins.
Manage your squad members status and add new group admins.

Squad admins will receive a weekly email listing paid and unpaid members in their team.

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  1. On the Admin portal go to the Squads section of Membership.

  2. Edit an existing team to view the list of squad members.

  3. You can change the status of your squad members here.

Squad Admins

These are admins of the team who will receive automated weekly emails detailing membership status of Coaches / Mentors and Squad members (players). This email is sent on Friday mornings.

To add more squad admins you can Edit the squad and add or remove admins.

Note: In order to add an admin to receive the email they must have the app installed in order to verify themselves. If there name does not exist then they to install the app and follow your club and then they will be available to select for the reports.

Coaches / Mentors

These are coaches/mentors who are associated with this team. Once you are added as a member of a squad you can change a persons status to be a Coach / Mentor.

Squad Members

These are playing members who form part of this team.

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