Merging Duplicate Members

Pending members and Active member profiles can be merged into one profile.

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At the start of a new season all members from the previous are migrated to the new season with a new status of pending_renewal. Automated emails are generated on the system to all those pending_renewal with a link to renew.

If a member signs up as a new member rather than renewing their membership they will have a duplicate profile on the system. Similarly if they mark themselves as a non renewal (via the renewal email unsubscribe link) and sign up as a new member they will have a duplicate profile which can also be merged.

Identifying possible duplicate record

On the Membership -> Members dashboard the number of possible duplicates will be detailed like the following example.

You can view this list of potential duplicates using the Membership Filter selecting the

Duplicates -> Possible Duplicate

You can segment this list further by selecting possible duplicates based on age, gender, member type etc.

How to check if a member is a duplicate when names match?

The address column shown in the members list will help identify if members with the same name and DOB are duplicate members.

Merging Duplicate Member Records

Duplicate member profiles identified above or single members can be searched and merged by a club administrator as follows:

  1. Login to

  2. Go to Membership -> Members

  3. Search for the member name

  4. Provided a Paid / Paid Cash / Subscribed record and a pending_renewal or non renewal record exists for that member they can be merged by ticking the check box beside the duplicate names and tapping the Merge button.

  5. The following popup will appear and click ok to confirm


The Merge button is not enabled - The reason for this is that the Status of the 2 member types is not satisfying the requirements of

a) pending_renewal and paid

b) pending_renewal and paid cash

c) pending_renewal and subscribed

d) non renewal and paid

e) non renewal and paid cash

f) non renewal and subscribed

or the name and DOB combinations do not match which can be as a result of name formatting with Irish fadas or ' differing. You can edit the names to endure they match to complete the merge.

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