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Assign/Remove Players & Coaches to/from the Squads you created
Assign/Remove Players & Coaches to/from the Squads you created

Filter players based on Gender, Sport, Age etc. and assign to the relevant squad(s) or remove existing players or delete a squad.

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Members who have paid membership for this season as well as members who are pending renewal can be added to your squad. This will allow you to see who is paid and unpaid in your squad.

Adding new members to the squad

  1. Login to the ClubZap Admin portal

  2. Go to Membership -> Members

  3. Click on Filter to select a segment of your membership list to add to your squad.

  4. You can filter based on: Membership Status | DOB | Gender . To ensure last seasons members are listed ensure the Filter -> Payment Status has pending_renewal ticked.

  5. Select your members and click on Squads to Choose which squad you want to assign them to. Type the squad name and click on the squad name to select.

  6. Coaches and admins for the squad can be added by searching for the member name and adding to the squad .


  • Only clubs who have members from last season on the system will be able to view an unpaid and paid list. Otherwise it is a paid list of members only you will see.

  • Members can also be added to a squad by searching for the member profile in Membership -> Members. Select edit for their profile and populate the squad allocations section of their profile.

Filtering Member Lists

Example: To List all boys born in 2010 you can filter as follows:


View: this will list the existing members of the squad including coaches, players and admins.

Edit: this will allow you to add or remove members to the squad.

Delete: This will delete the squad name. It will not affect any membership records.

Removing members from a squad

  1. Login to the ClubZap Admin portal

  2. Go to Membership -> Squad Reports

  3. In the Actions Column click on the View Squad link corresponding to your squad name,

  4. In the Actions column click on the Remove link corresponding to the name you wish to remove.

Note: This will only remove a member off your list - their membership will still exist on the system and they can still exist in other groups or be added back in to this group.

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