How can I create a new season?
Archive membership based on calendar year or sporting season.
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  1. To begin the process login to the admin portal and select the Membership link from the menu and select the "Membership Settings" button. 

Note: This menu item will only appear when you have the online payments setup as detailed here.

2. The Active Season field highlighted below displays the current season and gives you the chance to create a new season. This is very useful for archiving membership package details on a per season basis as well as archiving content.

3. When you select to "Add a new Season" a new window appears prompting you to input the following information:

Season Name - e.g: 2017/2018
Start date  - Year, Month, Day
End date  - Year, Month, Day

To speed up the creation of membership packages for your new season click here to view details on how to clone existing packages.

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