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What is Stripe Checkout / Link with Stripe?
What is Stripe Checkout / Link with Stripe?

Using an SMS code from Stripe to expedite online payments.

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For websites that use Stripe Checkout to process payments, customers have the ability to use the ‘Remember Me’ feature. If this option is selected and a phone number is entered, a confirmation code will be sent via SMS to that mobile device. 

Example Message:123-456 is your Stripe verification code to use your payment info with Bedrock FC.

If the customer inputs that code to pay, their information will be saved with Stripe, and they’ll be able to make payments using this mobile verification flow in the future saving them having to enter their Card Details and contact information again.

How to delete payment information saved using Link with Stripe

Link with Stripe lets you securely save your payment information and pay with 1 click at thousands of online businesses. If you’d like to delete your Link with Stripe account to allow you change the email/phone number associated with your profile (e.g: New Phone Number) Click here

How can I checkout as a Guest without using Link?

Click on the Link as highlighted below to checkout as a Guest - This will allow you to enter your card details and information from start rather than using the express checkout provided by Stripe Link.

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