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What are the payment status types available on ClubZap?
What are the payment status types available on ClubZap?

Details on a membership or product sale status.

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The following is the list of members status on the system:

Paid: Full amount paid online - No Further payments

Pending_Renewal: Paid Member last season and profile migrated to new season but payment not made yet.

Paid Cash: Manually added to the system as a cash payment.

Subscribed: Paying via fixed set of instalments with specific end date. Once final payment is made the state changes to paid.

Recurring: Regular payment with no end date - this is for products such as fundraising draws.

Refunded: Payment has been refunded in full or partially. A membership payment refunded in full will mean the membership is no longer active. A Partial refund means the membership is still active.

Subscription Errored: An instalment has failed and is in retry mode. The system will retry the payment up to 4 times before it transitions to a cancelled state. A club administrator can view the reason for the failed payments (e.g.: Insufficient funds) and the next retry date by viewing the subscription payment on the ClubZap dashboard. Go to Membership -> Membership Sales and search for the member and click on the name to view the details.

Subscription Cancelled: Instalments failed on retry and the max retries have been exhausted so the payment is in an cancelled state. A club admin can initiate a restart request for the payment for the payer at any stage as detailed here.

Non renewal: A member from last season has marked themselves as a not intending to renew for the current season via the Unsubscribe option on the renewal email or a system admin has updated their status as detailed here. They can still renew themselves via the membership web page at any stage but will no longer get the renewal emails and their status will appear as non renewal in the squad reports.

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