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Group Chat

Team coordination & communication

How can I view information about my chat group - Chat Group Info Screen?Manage your preferences fir your chat groups including child profiles and notification preferences.
Invite players or parents to join your chat group using a QR code or Sharable Link?Invite others to Scan or Click to join your chat group.
How can I check and clear my pending join requests?Details here to see what chat groups you have requested to join but have not yet been accepted in to.
How can I manually resend an event invite to a group?Resend an invite to those who have not responded yet to your event.
How do I synchronise ClubZap events with my calendar?Set up ClubZap to automatically update your calendar for a single view of your life schedule in one place.
How do I RSVP to an event?You can RSVP on behalf of one or multiple invited attendees associated with your chat profile for that group.
Chat Announcement Channel for messaging all your followers.Send an instant notification to all your clubs subscribers via the ClubZap announcement channel
How to generate attendance reports for your events.For tracking attendance at your events such as training, games or club meetings you an now generate a report for a specified time period.
How to merge multiple parents/guardians to a single child in a chat group or edit a child name.Avoid multiple responses for the same child in your group chat or correct a child name.
Creating and Managing Chat Group SegmentsCommunicate with a subset of users in your chat group delivering event invites to specified individuals.
How to archive and reactivate a chat group?At the end of your season you can archive a chat group so its no longer available to join. You can also reactivate an archived group.
Return to play for Sports ClubsAlleviate admin work and streamline a safe return to play
How to modify an existing event.Clone, Edit, Cancel or Delete and existing event.
What is group chat and what are the benefits for my club?Our chat feature facilitates clubs to communicate with groups or teams in their club in a safe, secure and noise free environment.
Who can create groups and who can send messages?Manage access privileges to group chat features.
How to add/edit/remove your Childs name in a chat group or update your status?You can update your current status and kids names in a chat group.
Creating new chat groupDetails on how an app administrator can create a new chat group.
How do I edit a group members name?A Club administrator can update a group members name via the admin portal.
How to accept or reject new group join requests?Private chat groups require a group admin to accept or reject join requests which is detailed here.
Creating new chat eventsInvite all your group members or a segment of members to your upcoming event. Save your most visited locations for easy access.
Attaching a form to an event invitation and checking who completed this formInclude consent form as part of an event invitation and check who has completed this.
Check who is available for upcoming events and export list of responsesView number of RSVP responses received and view who these responses came from. You can also export the RSVP list to excel.
Record attendance at your eventGroup admin can mark event attendance and request for a detailed report
Sending text message to chat group membersCheck for delivery and read receipts, copy and paste and delete messages.
Sending direct messages between group admin and group members
Managing a group members privilege (Add/Remove group admins)An existing group admin can add new members, remove existing members or make an existing member an admin.
Adding/Removing Members to/from a groupA group admin can add existing app new users or contacts from their phone book to their chat group or remove existing users from a group.
Changing group settings including name, purpose and typeUpdate the group meta data as well as enabling/disabling open chat in your group.
How to join or leave or rejoin a chat group?Inviting users to a group, viewing available groups, join requests and exiting groups.
How do i manage chat notifications and configure auto reply?Snooze chat notifications for a configurable time and setup an auto response when you are unavailable for a set time.
How ClubZap forms workConsent forms can be viewed via the admin portal by club administrators.
How can I check if I have the latest version of ClubZap on my phone?For best experience ensure you always have the latest release of the ClubZap app on your phone.
FAQs - Group ChatHere are some of the most frequently asked questions on how the chat feature works.
Monitor Chat Group Activity for all chat groups in your clubView a summary of your clubs chat groups including most recent activity
Sharing media files in ClubZap ChatDetails on how to share images from your photo gallery or instant images from your camera in your chat group.
I am not receiving push notifications - some troubleshooting ideas.Check your settings and troubleshoot why you are not receiving notifications