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How can I resend an event invite to a group?
How can I check and clear my pending join requests?
Invite players or parents to join your chat group using a QR code or Sharable Link?
How do I synchronise ClubZap events with my calendar?
How do I RSVP to an event?
Chat Announcement Channel for messaging all your followers.
How to generate attendance reports for your events.
How to merge multiple parents/guardians to a single child in a chat group or edit a child name.
Creating and Managing Chat Group Segments
How to archive and reactivate a chat group?
Return to play for Sports Clubs
How to modify an existing event.
What is group chat and what are the benefits for my club?
Who can create groups and who can send messages?
How to add/edit/remove your Childs name in a chat group or update your status?
Creating new chat group
How do I edit a group members name?
How to accept or reject new group join requests?
Creating new events and segmenting your users.
Attaching a form to an event invitation and checking who completed this form
Check who is available for upcoming events and export list of responses
Record attendance at your event
Sending text message to chat group members
Sending direct messages between group admin and group members
Managing a group members privilege (Add/Remove group admins)
Adding/Removing Members to/from a group
Changing group settings including name, purpose and type
How to join or leave or rejoin a chat group?
How do i manage chat notifications and configure auto reply?
How ClubZap forms work
How can I check if I have the latest version of ClubZap on my phone?
FAQs - Group Chat
Monitor Chat Group Activity for all chat groups in your club
Sharing media files in ClubZap Chat
I am not receiving push notifications - some troubleshooting ideas.