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How to generate attendance reports for your events.
How to generate attendance reports for your events.

For tracking attendance at your events such as training, games or club meetings you an now generate a report for a specified time period.

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For each event that you create for your chat group you can track attendance at that event as detailed here.

Provided you are group administrator you can generate a report (in .csv format) which can be opened in excel detailing attendance for all players and coaches at your events. The report is emailed to your specified address. To generate this report:

  1. Open your ClubZap app and click on the Chat Tab.

  2. Open your chat group where you are an existing Group admin.

  3. Click on the group title bar or select the settings button and click on Group Info.

  4. Click on the Export Attendance option as shown below in Screenshot 1.

  5. Select your Start Date and End Date for your report and confirm your email address for receiving the report as shown in Screenshot 2.

  6. Open your email inbox to view your report which appears in a format similar to Screenshot 3.

  7. Click on the Attendance Report button in your email to open/download your report which can be viewed in Excel or via a text editor. See Screenshot 4 for a sample report.

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Start Date: Initial date report is generated from as selected via screenshot 2 above.

End Date: Finish date report is generated from.

Event Count: Number of events that occurred for this group between start and end date.

Total: Attendance count for an individual Coach or Player


  • Yes indicates this person was marked as having attended the event on the corresponding date.

  • No indicates this person did not event the event corresponding to that date.

  • n/a indicates that the person was not a member of the chat group when the event took place or has left the group.

If you wish to update the attendance for some individuals in the report you should go to the event in your chat group and update your attendance record and then regenerate your report above.

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