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How ClubZap forms work
How ClubZap forms work

Consent forms can be viewed via the admin portal by club administrators.

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Consent forms can be associatd with events in a group chat. The group admin can view who has completed the form via the app for the corresponding event. The club administrator (different privilege to an app admin or group admin) can view the actual content that was submitted on the form via the ClubZap admin portal.

View available forms

To view the available form templates available for your club click on the Forms link on the ClubZap admin portal. Currently only forms that have been provided as templates by ClubZap are available to choose from.

View versions of the form

To view a list of instance of that patricular form template that have been created click on the view link on the forms page as shown above. A form instance is created when a group admin includes a form as a prerequisite as part of an event creation.

View a list of people who have completed the form

To view a list of people who have completed the form click on the View link for the corresonding instance of that form. Each time a form template is included in an event as a prerequisite the original is cloned and the file name is appended with the event name - team name and timestamp.

Naming Convention:

event name team name timestamp


Summer Hockey U12 Ladies 17/08/2020

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