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What is group chat and what are the benefits for my club?
What is group chat and what are the benefits for my club?

Our chat feature facilitates clubs to communicate with groups or teams in their club in a safe, secure and noise free environment.

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Sports team management and messaging for coaches, managers, parents and players via our ClubZap app. No more costly SMS or worries about inappropriate content being published in your team chat groups.

How it works

  1. Request the chat feature to be enabled for your club via

  2. Ensure your coaches and group administrators have the required privilege for creating new chat groups. Details on granting access here

  3. Admins/Coaches can create new groups of users as detailed here and users will receive an invite to join the new group.

  4. New users will validate their age via the ClubZap bot and provided they meet the age requirements will be accepted into the group. 

  5. Coach/Admins can send messages to groups and users can respond to events. 


For the Club

  • Audit trail on all messages sent and received by coaches/admins on behalf of the club.

  • GDPR compliance including age consent, Subject Access Requests and Right to be Forgotten.

  • Secure platform with protection for all group members contact information.

For the Coach/Admin

  • Manage events and groups via app with real time updates on responses with RSVPs clearly displayed with response count and option to resend to non responders.

  • Conduct private 1:1 chat with users outside of view of other chat members.

For the Player/Parents/Group Members

  • Stay updated on your teams upcoming events in a noise free and secure environment where your contact details are secure and responses are private.

  • Options to mute notifications and mark yourself as unavailable at configurable times. e.g: holidays.

  • Receive notifications for multiple teams you or your kids are part of in multiple sports clubs in a single platform.

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