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Sharing media files in ClubZap Chat
Sharing media files in ClubZap Chat

Details on how to share images from your photo gallery or instant images from your camera in your chat group.

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Media sharing is now available for chat group administrators to share images with their players, parents and fellow coaches in their team communications channel.

This compliments event messaging and text based messaging which is already available in chat groups ensuring that ClubZap is the only platform you need for managing your team and club communications.

What type of message's can I now send in a chat group?

  1. Events - Create an Event to check availability

  2. Media - Open your phone camera to take a live photo before sending to your chat group

  3. Media - Open your phone gallery to select a media file (image) to send to your chat group

  4. Text - Send a standard text based message to your group

What type of media files can I send?

The initial release supports images only and future releases will support video and document sharing. For now some of the main use cases for the image sharing are:

  • Sharing team photos at underage blitzes

  • Sharing images of lost and found items at training and games

  • Sharing images of promotional material for events (e.g. posters)

  • Sharing images of training plans or tactical planning for games

Can I send multiple images in one go?

Yes, when you select the media button (#3 above) you can select up to 4 images form your gallery for submission into your chat group. To select multiple images simply long hold down on an image for it to be selected before and repeat this process for the remaining images.

How many messages can I send in a chat group?

There is a limit of 4 messages that can be sent at any one time but there is no limit to how many times you can submit messages in a chat group.

How can i enlarge an image in a chat group?

When you tap on an image in your chat group the image will be enlarged automatically and you can zoom in and out as normal on the image (pinch your infers outwards).

Can I download images received in a chat group?

For now you can screenshot the image and save it to download locally to your phone.

Who can send media files in a chat group?

Chat group administrators are the only users in a group who can send media files.

How can I delete a media file?

Only the chat group admin who posted the image can delete that file. To remove an image hold down on the image and select Delete

Why can I not see images in my chat group when other people in the chat group can?

The most lightly reason for this is your current version of the app does not support media sharing. To update your app release go to the Apple app or Google Play store and search for ClubZap. Select the option to update the app.

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