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How can I view information about my chat group - Chat Group Info Screen?
How can I view information about my chat group - Chat Group Info Screen?

Manage your preferences fir your chat groups including child profiles and notification preferences.

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  1. Open the ClubZap App

  2. Go to the Chat Tab

  3. Open the chat group you want to manage.

  4. Click the Settings wheel to view the Group Info

Edit Chat Group Info

Click on the Pencil icon on the top right to update the Group info including

  • Title

  • Purpose

  • Group Type

  • Team

More info here >>>>

Invite People to join your group

Clicking on the Invite button will allow a chat group admin to share the link to join this chat group with others via different messaging applications such as Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook, X, Instagram etc.

There is also the option to provide a QR code to scan for new joiners.

More info here >>>

Mute Notifications for this group

This option will enable you to turn off notifications for this particular chat group for a specific amount of time. The options include:

8 Hours | 1 Day | 1 Week | 1 Month

Note: The next 2 menu options are only visible to chat group Admins

Add People to your group

You can include new personnel in your chat group by selecting the Add option from the menu. This will open up a search option to select the new group member from a list of people following your club or from a contact in your address book on your phone.

More info here >>>>

Requests to Join a Chat Group

When someone requests to join a chat group as detailed here a notification will appear on the notifications button and when clicked will list the pending join requests for a chat group admin.

More info on accepting or rejecting join requests here >>>>

Managing your chat group profile

Your Role: Coach | Parent | player

When you select Parent it is mandatory to add at least 1 child to your profile for that group. When you select Coach it is optional to add a child.

Your Children

This is where you add/edit/remove your child/children name to your group profile.

Note: You should only add the child or children who are part of this particular group to your profile here.

Set as Away

This allows you to set up an auto responder to events for a specified time period.

More info here >>>>

Chat Group Notifications

The following chat notifications are only available to chat group admins and when enabled or disabled will only apply to that particular chat admins profile and will not affect the other chat group admins.

All RSVP Updates:

Receive notifications when chat group members respond to events.

This will see a push notification received every time a new response is submitted by a chat group member.

"John Doe is going to your event"

Note: This option is off by default.

Changed RSVP:

Receive notifications when Invitees change their RSVP response

This will see a push notification received every time an updated response (change of mind) is submitted.

"John Doe has changed his response from Going to Not Going"

Note: This option is off by default.

Attendance Reminders:

Receive reminders when attendance needs to be marked. The reminder will be sent to the group admins 10 minutes after the scheduled start time reminding them to Mark attendance for their event as detailed here.

Note: This option is off by default.

Chat Notifications Options for all users

All members of a chat group (Admins and Non Admins) can manage the following notifications for their own profile:

Mute: This allows a group member to turn on/off notifications for a specified period of time: 8 Hours | 1 Day | 1 Week | 1 Month

Once you select one of the mute options an icon will appear next to your chat group to identify the group has notifications enabled.

Chat: Receive notifications for chat messages.

Events: Receive notifications for event invitations and changes

Manage Child Attendees

This feature enables the chat group admin

  • to Add a child to be associated with an existing Adult in the group

  • Edit the name of an existing child in the group

  • Merge duplicate kids added to the group

  • Add a Parent to the group to be associated with a particular child

  • Remove a Parents association with a child

More info here >>>>

Manage Sub-Groups

Create a segment of your chat group which allows you to invite a subset of your group members to an event.

More info here >>>>

Export Attendance

Select a date range to generate a report of attendance records for your group members for events.

More info here >>>>

Note: This is dependent on chat group admins marking attendance at their events as detailed here.

Enable Open Chat

This feature will allow all members of a chat group (admins and no admins) to chat in a group. The option can be enabled temporarily to facilitate a discussion and disabled again at a later stage if required to ensure noise is kept to a minimum in the chat group.

When the Open Chat is turned off only the Chat

View list of group members

Scroll to the bottom of the chat group info page to see a list of chat group members.

View Group Member Profile

Click on a name from the chat group member list to view the current profile of that member:

  • Status (Coach/Parent/Player)

  • Phone Number (Masked out)

  • Child/Children Name(s)


  • Call - Initiates a phone call to the group member which can be useful in cases of emergencies

  • Message - Initiate a 1:1 chat conversation

  • Set Role - Change the role for the group member (Coach/Parent/Player)

  • Make Group Admin / Dismiss as Admin - add more admins or remove admins form your group

  • Remove from Group - Admin can remove a group member

  • Leave Group - Following this action a user will no longer receive messages/invites

  • Archive Group - Available to chat group admins to close down the group

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