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Creating new chat group
Creating new chat group

Details on how an app administrator can create a new chat group.

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A new group is created at the start of the season and new members can be added as part of the group creation or later. Provided you have adequate Chat Admin privileges you can create new groups. Alternatively, a club may setup the groups for all teams and make coaches an admin of their own particular group.

  1. Open the app and go to the chat tab

  2. Click on the chat button represented by a bubble in the bottom right of screen.

  3. Select your club from the list.

  4. Click on the New Group button and fill in the following information:

Title - Name of the group you are creating. e.g: U14 Football Parents

Purpose - Reason for this group. e.g: Communicating with parents regarding training and matches.

Group Type – Team

Team – Select from a preconfigured list

Can Chat - Defines whether chat group is 1 way or 2 way. This feature can be enabled/disabled at any stage by the admin. Normally for team communication can chat is off.

Adding members to your new group

  1. Click on Next to start adding members to the group.

  2. Enter a user’s name or mobile number - select add to include them in the group.

Once all users are added click on Create to complete the setup.

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