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Check who is available for upcoming events and export list of responses
Check who is available for upcoming events and export list of responses

View number of RSVP responses received and view who these responses came from. You can also export the RSVP list to excel.

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As soon as you have created a new event your invited players/parents will be notified of the new event and be able to RSVP confirming their availability. To check the status on availability follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and go to the chat tab

  2. Click on the group for which you want to check responses.

  3. For the event you can see a summary of the number of responses as follows:

    Screenshot 1: Summary of RSVP count

  4. Click on the View all responses option to get a detailed report of who responded.


Mark Attendance: This brings you to the screen for recording attendance at your events.


  • Yes - Available for your event

  • No - Not Available for your event

  • Not Responded - No RSVP submitted

  • Unavailable - Automatic response as a player/parent has marked themselves as unavailable for a period of time.

How do I export the RSVP list for an event into a report?

If you are a group administrator for a chat group you can export the list of RSVP responses to the event you created. This can be useful for planning groups or teams for an event.

  1. Open your chat group and scroll to your event

  2. Click on the View All Responses link associated with your event.

  3. On the top right an icon representing an option to download can be clicked

  4. Enter the email address you want to receive the report to.

Note: The RSVP report here is a list of those who implied their intention to attend or not. For details on how to mark who actually attended and export the attendance list check this out.

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