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Creating new chat events
Creating new chat events

Invite all your group members or a segment of members to your upcoming event. Save your most visited locations for easy access.

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Group admins can create new events to check availability of group members in advance. Once you have created your group and are a group administrator you can send messages to all group members and create events inviting all your group members or a segment of your group.

An invite can be sent to all members of the group or a segment of the group can be invited. The group admin(s) will be notified as group members respond and can a summary of responses or details of who responded.

Following the event, a group admin can log the attendance record of each group member.

Create new event and send invitations

  1. Open the ClubZap app and navigate to the chat tab

  2. Click on the chat group you wish to send a message to.

  3. Click on the event calendar icon at the bottom left of the screen to start creating a new event.

  4. The following form is displayed for completion as part of creating an event:

Screenshot 1: Create New Event

  • Event Type: If Fixtures exist for your team on the system you can use this to populate your event (Select from Fixtures) or Create a new Event.

  • Event Title: Name of the upcoming event.

  • Location: Location of event. This will allow you to select a saved location or select a location form Google Maps.

  • Start Date: Select from calendar popup.

  • Start Time: Select from clock popup.

  • End Date: Select from calendar popup.

  • End Time: Select from clock popup.

  • Details: Description of the event.

  • Invite User Segments: The default setting is to send the invite to all in your group. If you change this choice an option to Select Existing Segment or Create a New Segment will appear where you can add specific people from your group to this particular event. Only people in this segment will receive the event notification. More info on managing segments here.

  • Click on Save button on the top right of your screen to send the invite to your selected audience.

How can I save my favourite locations?

When creating a new event you are prompted to select your location which opens Google Maps and you can enter the name of your location. If the location does not exist you can drag the map to the exact location and save the location giving it a name of your choice. e.g: Training Pitch 1

  1. When creating your event type the location for the event to see the Google Map

  2. Enter the location for your event and drag the Map to the pin for more accuracy.

  3. Click on the Confirm Location button

3. To save your location for future use click on the Save Location checkbox

4. Enter the name for your location and continue on completing the event creation form.

5. Click on Save event to publish the event.

Note: Your saved location will be available for selection when you create your next event in this chat group.

How do I share the count of RSVP responses for an event?

When creating an event the group administrator has the option to share the response count with the invited guests by enabling the toggle button below.

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