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Chat Announcement Channel for messaging all your followers.
Chat Announcement Channel for messaging all your followers.
Send an instant notification to all your clubs subscribers via the ClubZap announcement channel
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When a new subscriber follows your club on the ClubZap they are automatically added to your clubs announcement channel. This channel exists for all clubs who have chat enabled on ClubZap. The naming convention for the channel is for example

Bedrock Announcements where Bedrock is the club name.

The channel provides a medium for clubs to get instant messages out to all their followers with a single click.

Who can send messages on the announcement channel?

Any app administrator with Announcement channel privileges can send messages via the announcement channel. You should limit how many admins you enable with this privilege as it is only important messages you should be delivering on this channel - otherwise a news article and notification will suffice.

To enable this Announcement Channel Admin privilege:

  1. Login to the admin portal (

  2. Select View Subscribers

  3. Find the user you wish to grant the privilege to

  4. Select Make Admin to firstly enable app admin privileges

  5. Select Make Ann. Chat Admin to enable the user as an announcement channel admin

How can I find thee announcement channel for my club?

If your cannot find your announcement channel in your chat tab list of groups use the search option - enter the value announcement and your clubs announcement channel should be available to select. If the channel is not listed you most lightly left the announcement channel group so will have to rejoin as detailed here.

How can I send a message via the announcement Channel?

In the Chat tab select your clubs announcement Channel and and you can create a text based message or an event to send to all your subscribers.

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