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Communicating with your members & supporters.
Communicating with your members & supporters.

A how to guide on adding content to ensure all channels of communication are up to date.

Managing your Club ContactsAdd/Update/Remove Club Contacts
How can I add images or photos in my news article?Embed multipls images & photos in news items.
Bulk Uploading FixturesImport your seasons fixtures or multiple fixtures at once using our import tool.
Publishing news content - Add articlesAdd, Modify and delete club news articles on your clubs website, app and social media. 1 Click updates 4 channels.
How do I grant admin access for app users?App admins can manage fixtures, results as well as creating new chat groups. Creating & removing admins is covered here.
How do I update content for my club using my phone?Adding news content, fixtures, results etc on the go
News Editor - Feature GuideOur new editor is now live with some plenty of features to enhance how your content appears on both the app and club websites.
How do ClubZap notifications work?Details on in-app and push notifications and when and how they are delivered.
Managing resultsUpdate existing fixtures/schedule with a result or create a new result. Scores can also be hidden and only result published.
Logging in to ClubZap Admin PortalThe ClubZap Admin Portal is accessible via your web browser and used to push content and monitor online payments for your club.
Fixtures, Events & SchedulingCreating new events on the platform for whats going on in your club.
How can I add a link in my news article?I want to embed a link to an external page in my news article.
What size images can I add for news articles?Thumbnail images for articles and embedded images require certain sizing for clarity.