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Our new editor is now live with some plenty of features to enhance how your content appears on both the app and club websites.

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Accessing the new editor is the same as normal for club admins via
News -> Publish News
The news editor appears as follows:

Embedding Images/Photos

The + button above when clicked expands to to show a list of options for embedding content. For phase I of the editor we will support embedding images or photos which are selected by clicking the image icon beside the + button as seen here:

This will enable you to go to the folder on your machine where the image exists and select this image to embed. For phase I the image title should appear in the next line rather than directly under the image.

Font Formatting

To access the font formatting menu simply type your text, then highlight the text you wish to decorate using the mouse select button and your menu appears as follows:

Options include:
Unordered List (e.g: bullet points)
Ordered List (Numbered)

Embedding an external link in your article

Highlight the text you wish to convert to a hyperlink and this will enable the formatting menu. Select the link button as shown here.

A popup edit field appears for the link destination:

Using the website as an example we enter the following and hit return:

To edit or remove the link click on the link and select from the menu choices as follows:

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