Managing results

Update existing fixtures/schedule with a result or create a new result. Scores can also be hidden and only result published.

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via Admin Portal

Results are managed via the Admin Portal which can be accessed here. If you
have issues logging in please refer to another article on Logging into the ClubZap Admin Portal.

Upon successful login to the admin portal select the Results link from the left hand menu. The Results landing page is displayed providing a view of your clubs published Results including:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Team

  • Competition

  • Opponent

  • Venue

  • Score

Existing Results can be edited or deleted here.

Add Result for existing Fixture/Schedule

Select the Publish Result to display a list of Fixtures that can be updated with a result.
Use the radio button to select the Fixture/Schedule you wish to update and click the "Add result for selected fixture" button.

The main content to add for team results is Own score and Opponents score.

The outcome of the game (Win/Draw/Loss) should be checked also which will trigger an indicator colour when the result is displayed on the app.


Notifications are now automatically generated for results using the following logic:

  1. Immediate delivery if the event for the associated result ended less than 24 hours ago Note: This is provided the delivery time is outside of night time hours (10pm - 8am).

  2. If the event ended more than 24 hours ago the result will be pushed as part of the next scheduled delivery at 10am or 6pm.

More information on notifications here.

Publish to Twitter – Auto updates your club Twitter page with result when this setting is checked. If Twitter is not currently setup this can be done now. This is a once off integration process.

Create Result– Commit new result to the system

Add Result for non existing Fixture/Schedule

To add a result directly without creating the Fixture/Event first Select the Publish Result followed by Add New Event.
Follow the instructions in Creating a new fixture here and for the score follow the instructions shown earlier in this page.

How can I record the score but hide it from public viewing

When publishing results a checkbox exists to allow you to record the score for your team but not publish the score. Instead the result outcome of Win, Draw or Loss will only be visible on your app and website. This feature is useful for underage games or friendly games you may not want to publicize.

Update via app

Details on updating results via the app can be found here

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