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How do I grant admin access for app users?
How do I grant admin access for app users?

App admins can manage fixtures, results as well as creating new chat groups. Creating & removing admins is covered here.

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A number of administration features are available on the app to users with admin privileges. The features include:

  1. Create/Update Fixtures/Schedules and Events

  2. Create/Update Results

  3. Create new Chat groups.

Granting app admin access for users

Any of your followers can become an app admin giving them access to the admin menus in the app only. They will not have access to the existing admin portal. To provide access to the portal via this help file. Similarly existing users who have editor or administration access to the admin portal will not automatically have access to the admin menus on the app. They must be granted permission as follows:

  1. As an administrator log into the admin portal here,

  2. Select the View Subscribers link from the left menu.

  3. Search for the subscriber you wish to grant access to and select Make Admin in the actions column.

  4. Following this the user should have access to the admin menus in the Games, Fixtures or Schedules tab as well as access to creating new groups.

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