Managing your Club Contacts

Add/Update/Remove Club Contacts

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On the ClubZap admin portal you can configure your club contacts by detailing roles so your subscribers can contact specific people in your club directly via the My Account settings in the ClubZap app.

Provided you have full administrative privileges for your club you add/edit/delete the contacts available for your club as follows:

  1. Go to Club Settings -> Administrative Contacts

    • Add a Contact - opens the new contact details form for creating a new contact

    • Edit - opens an existing contact profile for updating

    • Delete - remove an existing contacts profile

The following is a list of the information to be provided for each contact:

Contact Type (Mandatory Field)

Select the category/area of the club that this contacts is part of.

  • Chairperson

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Team Manager

  • Registrar

  • Public Relations Officer

  • Website Administrator

  • Lotto Coordinator

  • Fundraising Coordinator

  • Club Shop Manager

  • Child Protection Officer

  • Other

Name (Mandatory Field)

Full Name of your Contact

Role (Optional Field)

Summary of role in the club: e.g.: Senior Football Manager

Phone Number (Optional Field)

Contacts telephone number

Email (Optional Field)

Contacts email address

Display on Website (check box)

Tick this checkbox if you want the contact details added above to appear on your clubs website.

Note: This option is only currently supported for clubs that are part of an Games Management System provided by ClubZap. The feature will be available to all ClubZap provided websites in the coming weeks.

Display in App (check box)

Tick this checkbox if you want the contact details above to appear on your ClubZap app .

How to Contact your club

On the ClubZap app click on the profile icon to view your Account settings. Select the Account link highlighted below to view a list of available contacts including phone/email options.

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