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How to check the reason for a failed subscription payment
How to check the reason for a failed subscription payment

Details also on the email a payer receives when their payment fails

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Every subscription payment will be automatically retried up to 4 times before it transitions to a cancelled state. In this cancelled state a club administrator can issue a restart request to the payer as detailed here.

How does a club Admin check the reason for a failed payment?

  1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal

  2. Go to Membership -> Membership Sales or Products -> Product Sales

  3. If you know the payers name you can use the search option or else you can Filter on Payment Status = Subscription Errored and Subscription Cancelled

  4. Click on the Payer name to see the history of their payment

  5. The Status Note column will give the reason for failure and the Next Retry At column will detail when the payment will be attempted again.

Is a payer notified when their subscription payment fails?

Anytime a subscription attempt is made the payer will receive:

  • an email either indicating a successful payment along with details of how many payments are remaining and when the next payment will be made OR

  • an email indicating a failed payment along with details on why the payment failed and when the payment will be retried.


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