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Step 2: Export your ClubZap paid up members profiles and Import into Foireann
Step 2: Export your ClubZap paid up members profiles and Import into Foireann
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This stage will enable you to bulk register new members and bulk renew existing members on Foireann.

Note: Its important Step 1 is completed first to make sure the Governing Body IDs are synchronised between Foireann and ClubZap.

Step 2A - Export Membership Records from ClubZap

  1. Login to the ClubZap Admin portal

  2. Go to Membership -> Current Members -> Governing Body Interface

  3. Choose the Associations (GAA, Camogie, LGFA)

  4. Select your export preference from Express (recommended) or Filtered which will generate the export file (e.g: GAA-Foireann-Express-xxxxxx.csv or GAA-Foireann-Filtered-1678987476)

    Express Export: This action exports all members who have chosen a sporting code from GAA during registration or have been assigned to a squad that is associated with GAA.

    Filtered Export: Export members who do not have a GAA ID and are NOT assigned to a GAA squad. These will be registered on Foireann as NEW members.

Step 2B - Import ClubZap Membership Records into Foireann

  1. Login to

  2. Navigate to the Membership Section and within the Members tab, click Bulk Upload Members

  3. Drag and drop the CSV file into the box OR click on the cloud icon to browser your device for the file.

  4. Once you have selected the CSV file, the system will inform you if the upload has been successful.

  5. If you are happy with the file, click Submit. If you have selected the wrong file, you can hover over the file and click the 'bin' icon.

  6. Foireann will provide a successful or unsuccessful message when uploaded.

  7. A download file containing the results of the upload is available on your device, by opening the file, you will be able to see additional fields including


    • Status

      • SUCCESS - The member has been registered on Foireann

      • FAILED - The member has not been registered on Foireann

      • IGNORED - The member has already been registered on Foireann

    • Failure Reasons

      • Reasons why the upload for that member was not successful i.e missing information, incorrect member type assigned etc.

    • Foireann ID

      • This can be ignored, it has no relevance to club administrators

    • New Membership ID

      • This is their new membership ID on Foireann

      • Re-linking of their old membership ID/Servasport ID will be made available in the coming weeks.

    NOTE: The members will be given a generic membership option called 'Bulk Upload Package', this membership option will not have an amount assigned to it.

Further on uploading the import files into Foireann can be found here

You are now ready to proceed to Step 3: Upload Foireann Registration Results Status Report into ClubZap.

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