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Foireann - Troubleshooting & FAQs
Foireann - Troubleshooting & FAQs

Some tips on resolving issues clubs have come across using Foireann.

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‘At least one record already exists with these details outside of your organisation’


  1. Where another record has same surname and address and date of birth is not required as a field (ie non playing member) - irrespective of different first names this error is occurring.

  2. Also where a player is already registered with the county or another club say a different club for camogie. This is also giving this error.

  3. DOBs not matching - different DOB exists on ClubZap V Foireann for the member.

There seems to be some ambiguity in how the matches are being done for these cases with cases where the names do not fully match still being marked as a match. In some cases both records had too similar details - however they’re mother and daughter but because they had a default DOB from the ServaSport days of 1/1/1900 Foireann was treating them as the same person.

Solution 1 is to edit the DOB for one of these people and try and register manually or again highlight to the Foireann support team who will have to update the member profiles for you.

Solution 2 is to make sure the DOB for the member on ClubZap matches the DOB for the member on Foireann.

Members failing to register on Foireann due to age and gender

Foireann will block any member you try to upload fitting these credentials

Gender = Female where Member Type = Youth and Association = GAA and Age is > U12

(i.e.: in 2022 this is born in 2009 or before)

So in summary no females aged 13 or above of member type FULL can be registered in GAA association. Females that are registered as member type Adult can be registered.

Missing Foireann Identifier

When you import the Foireann Status report into ClubZap as part of the Synchronisation if the ClubZap system reports the error about Missing Foireann Identifier this means that no NGB ID has been included in the Status Report from Foireann.

The reason for this is that the member was registered on Foireann previously (mist lightly manually) and never verified.

Solution: Verify the member manually now on Foireann as detailed here and then run your synchronisation process again (export from ClubZap, Import to Foireann, and Import Status Report to ClubZap)

Error - Bad File Illegal quoting in Line 15

This is sometimes seen when you try to import the members.csv file you exported from Foireann into ClubZap. It means that there is bad data in your export file and in this case its the " character existing on Line 15 of your file.

The reason for this is that Foireann has replaced and commas that exist in members profile information on Foireann with a " which makes the output .csv file invalid.

example: Address Line1: Ennis,Clare is represented as Ennis"

Resolution: Open the members.csv export file in excel and execute a Find & Replace from the menu of click Ctrl + F to display the screen below. Put " in the Find What and leave the Replace With empty. Then click on Replace all to remove the bad data. Remember to save the file as its current .csv format and not .xlsx.

Really Sorry, but something went wrong with your upload

This is sometimes seen when you try to import the members.csv file you exported from Foireann into ClubZap.


It means that there is bad data in your export file normally the " character as above. The solution is as seen above to remove " - check this out.

It could also mean that your session timed out and you may need to login into the portal and upload again.

What is the Size limit on import files?

The max size is 1,000 rows for your import file. If greater than this you need to split into multiple files and remember to include the same header of column names in each file.

Note: If you still get an error to say you have more than 1,000 rows make sure you deleted the rows and not the content from the rows - Blank rows will still count.

Unable to load user data: 401

This http 401 error is seen on Foireann when trying to Bulk upload upload your member list. It is an Unauthorized client error status response code which indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource. The reason is your session has timed out on Foireann and you need to simply login back in to the Foireann system.

Import File is being ignored

If your file is not being recognised as part of the import please ensure it is in the .csv format that was exported out of ClubZap or Foireann. Opening and saving the file as an excel extension (.xlsx) can change the format so any edits to be done should be via a text editor and saved keeping the .csv extension.

How to revoke a membership on Foireann

If you have mistakenly registered a member against the wrong association you can revoke that membership as follows.

On Foireann, Search for the member and in the membership column click on their membership and select the option to revoke.

Member on Foireann is not assigned a Governing Body ID

A member was registered on Foireann as a new member but was not assigned a GAA/LGFA/Camogie ID -

The reason here is because they have not yet been verified as a club member.

In order to have an ID assigned to a record, the member must be registered and verified with the club. The member can be registered for the 2022 season and therefore all that remains is them being verified.

If you tick the checkbox beside their record and click 'Member Actions > verify and choose 'member'. Upon saving an ID will appear beside their record. Please note that once you have verified a member, you will not need to complete this process again. Therefore for any member who does not have an ID, please verify them using the steps outlined above.

Please also have a read of the following article which provides more information regarding verifying members on Foireann:

Verifying Members []

Why are members Governing Body IDs not appearing on the Squad Report for GAA Clubs?

The reason for this is you have not selected which governing body is associated with your squad so the report does not know which Governing body ID to include. Example here

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