What is Foireann?

Details on the GAA/LGFA/Camogie Registration system and how it works with ClubZap.

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Foireann is the Governing Body Database introduced by the GAA, Camogie & LGFA organisations to manage the registration of club members.

ClubZap is the leading provider of membership management for GAA, Camogie & LGFA clubs to simplify the collection of membership payments, discounting and reporting to identify who has and has not paid their club membership.

Every person that has paid membership to your club via ClubZap must be registered on the Governing Bodies Database (Foireann).

This includes:

  • New Members: These are members that do not currently have a Governing Body ID. (example: new players joining your nursery for the first time)

  • Existing Members: These are members that have an existing profile on the Foireann System. All members that existed on the old ServaSport system for 2020 were migrated to the new Foireann system and will have an existing GAA / Camogie / LGFA Governing Body ID (i.e. ServaSport ID).


Any club using ClubZap to collect membership payments can now synchronise their members with the new Foireann system using a CSV file in a similar way to how the functionality worked with the previous ServaSport system to simplify the registration of new members and renewal of existing members.

The format of the ClubZap generated csv file is compliant with the schema format set out by the Foireann system here. Any members that are bulk uploaded as new members will be given a generic membership option called 'Bulk Upload' which will not have any monetary amount assigned to it.

  • (Bulk upload) GAA FULL Non-Player 2023

  • (Bulk upload) GAA FULL Player 2023

  • (Bulk upload) GAA SOCIAL Non-Player 2023

  • (Bulk upload) GAA YOUTH Player 2023


The defacto integration of GAA, Ladies Gaelic Football and Camogie is happening on a widespread basis around the country into what is known as a One Club Model. The One Club approach facilitates catering for the whole family in an integrated fashion which includes club membership payments.

Clubs who have adopted the One Club model will have this reflected on their Foireann setup and their export from ClubZap will specify which association (GAA / LGFA / Camogie) they are registering their players with.

A club which runs on the ClubZap platform as a single organisation model (GAA Only / LGFA Only / Camogie Only) will only have one organisation setup as part of their Foireann Setup.

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