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Details on registering new members or renewing existing members for the FAI organisations.

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If your familiar with how ClubZap integrates with you can jump straight to the 2 Stage Process on Bulk Uploading to by clicking here

INTRODUCTION is the Governing Body Database introduced by the FAI organisations to manage the registration of club members.

ClubZap is the leading provider of membership management for FAI clubs to simplify the collection of membership payments, discounting and reporting to identify who has and has not paid their club membership.

Every player that has paid membership to your club via ClubZap must be registered on the Governing Bodies Database (

This includes:

  • New Members: These are members that do not currently have a Governing Body ID. (example: new players joining your nursery for the first time)

  • Existing Members: These are members that have an existing profile on the System.


Any club using ClubZap to collect membership payments can now synchronise their members with

The format of the ClubZap generated csv file is compliant with the schema format set out by the system


The file exported out of ClubZap for importing info is of the .csv format based on the following schema.

  • Gender must be inserted in a specific code; 100010 for Male. 100009 for Female.

  • Nationality must be inserted in Alpha 3 code – example, IRL for Ireland.

  • Street – e.g. 12 Bachelor Walk

  • Postal Code – This is the Eircode, if you do not know please use 000 0000.

  • Town – e.g. Abbotstown

  • County – please use wording, ‘County Dublin’ etc

  • Email – must contain @ symbol to be valid (THIS IS NOT MANDATORY)

  • The place of birth is a free text field.

  • The league organisation has to have the exact spelling


Bulk uploading members onto has been simplified as follows.

Step A - Export your members list out of ClubZap.

Tip: On ClubZap: Membership -> Members ->

You can now refine your export based on the following choices:

Output File: FAI-NET-1621959027.csv

Step B: Import your ClubZap new member list into

This will register your new club members on the system and generate a new Governing Body ID.

Input File: FAI-NET-1621959027.csv

  1. Go to the ‘Player Registration Form’ tab on the left column of the FAInet website. There will be an import function available at the bottom below application overview, ‘Member Import’.

2. Select the choose file option in the top left. Choose your player database (must be in .csv format).

3. Select import entries.

Note: Blue icon means the information is good and import is ready to be reviewed. An orange means non-essential information is missing i.e. home address, gender, contact info and import is ready to be reviewed. A red means essential information is missing i.e. Date of Birth, and import is ready to be reviewed.

4. Click the ‘Edit’ icon beside each application to begin reviewing the imports.

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