Setting up and Managing Squads

Any administrator who has access to club membership can setup and configure squad reports. The following are the steps:

  1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal and click on the Squads link via the membership menu.

  2. Create your Squad and assign admins to receive an automated weekly email on membership status for their team.

  3. Assign Players & Coaches to the Squads you created.

  4. Managing your squad member types and assigning new admins to receive automated email updates.

Enable or Disable Automated Squad Email reports

When setting up a new squad you can tick the check box on whether you want email reports on membership sent to squad admins for that particular squad. To change this status (enable/disable) you can edit the squad at any stage.

This report is emailed weekly and includes a list of paid and unpaid members.

Generate a Club Level Report on Membership

To create a report on all teams in your club go to your Squads list and select Executive Report

Sample report shows a color coded breakdown of membership across all your teams.

Payment Status Explained

Paid - Full payment complete

Pending Renewal - Member last season but not paid up for this season yet

Subscribed - Paying via Instalments which are automatically collected.

Troubleshooting - I have stopped receiving the Weekly squad report?

This can be as a result of either

1) The checkbox for sending squad reports has been disabled:


2) The Season has currently ended so no more reports are sent.

In the Membership -> Membership Settings section you can define the start and end date for your season and if the season has ended no more reports will be sent until the new season if created.

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