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Foireann Synchronisation: If Step 3 times out or if members are manually registered on Foireann
Foireann Synchronisation: If Step 3 times out or if members are manually registered on Foireann

The information here details how you can synchronise your members status on Foireann with ClubZap for your current season.

Written by Michelle Geoghegan
Updated over a week ago

When should this process be used?

  1. In Step 3 of the ClubZap <-> Foireann synchronisation process you will upload your paid up members on ClubZap into Foireann to mark them as registered. The norm following the upload would be for Foireann to provide a results file detailing whether a member was successfully registered or not. In recent times Foireann has been timing out on providing this file so whilst the members were marked as registered the output results file confirming this is sometimes not provided. If you don't get a results file in Step 3 you can follow the procedure below which will mark those who have a registered status on Foireann with a corresponding status for the same association on ClubZap.

  2. If you have manually marked members as registered on Foireann directly (e.g. early registration of County players) you can bulk update their corresponding member profile on ClubZap to match as detailed below.

Note: Please ensure that the member has been manually registered for the correct member type as paid for on ClubZap.

  1. Login to the Foireann system. In Administration section, select Reports

    Season: 2024 *important to set to current year for this procedure

    Member Type: ALL

    Association: All

  2. Select Export CSV. This will produce a csv file called members.csv.

  3. Login to the ClubZap admin portal (

  4. On the admin menu select Membership -> Members

  5. Select the Governing Body Interface button

8.. Select Step 1: Import to ClubZap

9. Import the file to ClubZap to Mark any Members paid on Foireann as Registered on ClubZap.

10. Once complete if you look up a member and scroll to the bottom you will see a green check against the members Foireann ID confirming synchronisation has been completed.

Note: Please note that when trying to update for LGFA and Camogie these members are only Registered and in the Registered file when their fees have been paid and approved. Until then they cannot be syncronised.

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