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Step 1: Export your existing member list from Foireann and import into ClubZap
Step 1: Export your existing member list from Foireann and import into ClubZap

Export all your registered members on Foireann to a a .csv file for importing into ClubZap.

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Note: This export process has been updated as of 16 March 2023 following the addition of new fields in the export by Foireann.

Provided you are an administrator for your club on Foireann you will be able to export your member list as follows.

  1. Login to

  2. Click on the Administration Link on the left menu as seen in screen shot below.

  3. Click on the Reports tab.

  4. In the Members Report option set your season to the previous year (e.g: 2022) and set Member type to All

  5. Click on the Export CSV option to download your member list.

6. On the ClubZap Admin portal go to Membership -> Members and select Import to ClubZap and drag the export file from Foireann above into ClubZap


This csv file exported from Foireann is then imported back into ClubZap to populate any Governing Body IDs which are not populated on the ClubZap Database. This includes members that are in a pending_renewal, Paid or subscribed state.

This step is important as it will identify people already registered on Foireann and by populating their Foireann ID on ClubZap it means they will be renewed on Foireann rather than added as a new member which would result in a duplicate profile on Foireann.

Once this ic completed please proceed to Step 2 here.

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