To begin the process login to the admin portal and select the Membership link from the menu and select the "Current Members" button. 

  1. Search for the member name you wish to cancel/refund.
  2. In the Membership details section click on the membership id:

  3. Click on the refund or Stop subscription button. 

Confirming the refund will see the the member(s) associated with this payment removed from the current member list and payment showing as refunded in the "Refunded Memberships" table. It will also trigger a call to Stripe to refund the member with the amount paid and cancel any further subscription payments where applicable

Confirming the Stop subscription will see all further payments cancelled and the existing payments will remain and the user will remain in the sales list with the number of subscriptions completed.

Note: You can also go directly to Membership -> Membership Sales and select the payment you wish to refund or stop if you know the payee name but make sure it is for the correct member if duplicate names exist.

View refunded memberships

  1. To begin the process login to the admin portal and select the Membership link from the menu and select the "Membership Sales" button. 
  2. View the table under the header "Refunded Memberships"

How is payment refunded for memberships

Financial reimbursement is done using the Refund button on the ClubZap dashboard which triggers a call to to Stripe which executes the refund provided their is sufficient funds in your clubs Stripe account.

How Stripe Refunds Work

Stripe submit any refund you make to your customer’s bank immediately. However, it may take anywhere up to ten business days for your customers bank to process the refund and for the funds to be returned to the account.

In some cases - usually where a refund has been issues in quick succession after the original charge - the refund request may go through in the form of a reversal. In this case, the original payment will simply ‘drop off’ the customers statement, rather than an additional line item appearing.

If your customer has not seen the original charge being reversed or refunded after ten days, we’d recommend asking them to contact their bank directly to ensure that this is resolved.

Should the refund fail to be processed by the bank we will receive a notification and will return the funds to your bank automatically. This process can take up to thirty days, but we will update the relevant charge details and provide a webhook should this occur.

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