How can I view a list of restarted product payments?

When a subscription is cancelled it can be restarted by the payer and admins can view a list of restarted subscriptions on the dashboard.

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Every subscription payment will be automatically retried up to 4 times before it transitions to a cancelled state. In this cancelled state a club administrator can issue a restart request to the payer as detailed here.

When a lotto payment is restarted successfully by the payer, the admin will receive a system email detailing the change providing they have the system emails enabled as detailed here.

How can I view a list of successful restarted payments?

  1. Login to the ClubZap Admin portal

  2. Go to Products -> Product Sales

  3. Select Filters -> Subscription Date Restarted and select your date range

  4. Click on Apply

Note: This feature was introduced on 30/11/2022 so will only show payments restarted after this date.

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