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Foireann Synchronisation: If you forget step 3
Foireann Synchronisation: If you forget step 3
Step to follow if you have forgotten to complete step 3 of the Foireann synchronisation process.
Written by Michelle Geoghegan
Updated over a week ago
  1. Login to the Foireann system. In Membership section use the filter option to select all members who are

    Membership Status: REGISTERED

    Membership Association: GAA

    Membership Season: 2022

  2. Under Bulk Actions, Export Filtered Members. This will produce a csv file.

  3. Open your csv.

    i. Copy the contents of Column A to Column Y and rename the column to New Membership Id

    ii. delete all the contents of column A and set all the values in all the cells in of column B to REGISTER

    iii. set the contents of all the cells in Column V to SUCCESS

    iv. Save your file (as a .csv)

    Use this csv file to complete step 3 of Foireann Synchronisation.

  4. Login to the ClubZap admin portal (

  5. On the admin menu select Membership -> Current Members

  6. Select the Governing Body Interface button

8.. Select your Association / Governing body:

9. Select the Step 3: GAA import option and import your .csv file from above.:

10. Once complete if you look up a member and scroll to the bottom you will see a green check against the members Foireann ID confirming synchronisation has been completed.

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