When a club connects their social media accounts with ClubZap it removes the replication for club admins in updating multiple communication channels. Once integration is completed a single click can update 4 channels of communication for your sports club: App + Website + Facebook + Twitter

  1. Login to the Admin portal here

  2. Ensure you are logged out of your personal Facebook page on your device

  3. Select Club Settings -> Social Media from the left hand menu

  4. Select “Connect Facebook” button.

5. Enter your Facebook Login Details for a subscriber who has Admin privileges for your Club Page
6. Next you will be asked who you wish to share the info with – Choose Public
7. A list of Pages will be displayed then which should include your clubs page.
8. Select this as the page you wish feeds from ClubZap to write to.
9. Confirm in the Admin Settings page the Facebook page is writing to the Correct page:


What type of Facebook page can I post to?

Recent security changes by Facebook means 3rd party applications like ClubZap can only post to clubs Facebook pages who are setup as an organisation or Business. As a result we cannot post to pages that are stup as personal pages (i.e: You must add as a friend to see content rather than simply like the page) and can only post to community or business pages which is the norm now a days for sports clubs.

Reconnecting your page

If your Facebook page changes or a new page is created you may need to connect your account for integration with ClubZap again. This is normally achieved by going to
Club Settings -> Social Media and selecting the Reconnect Facebook option and following the steps detailed above.
If you have issues reconnecting your Facebook page it may be down to permissions which can usually be resolved by removing the old ClubZap profile on your clubs Facebook account and reconnecting which creates a new profile.

  1. Log into your Clubs Facebook page

  2. Click the Menu on the top right as seen in the screenshot and select Settings:

3. A new menu is presented from which you should select Apps as shown here

4. Remove the ClubZap profile from the list of “Logged In With Facebook” using the X button as shown below. 

5. On the ClubZap Admin Dashboard  go to Club Settings -> Social Media -> Connect Facebook and start the connection process.

Alternatively go to your Business Settings page:
and View/Edit the settings.

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