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How can I see Stripe Payouts and reconcile payments with my Bank Statement?
How can I see Stripe Payouts and reconcile payments with my Bank Statement?

View all scheduled payouts and see what each payout is made up of.

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On the ClubZap Admin portal you can view the scheduled payouts from Stripe to your clubs bank account via:

Club Settings -> Stripe Payouts

The view defaults to a single view of all your payouts across all your Stripe accounts (if multiple accounts exist) and you can filter this based on an individual Stripe account if you wish.

The Payout screen appears as follows:

Arrival Date: This is the expected date that the specified money will appear in your clubs bank account.

Stripe Reference: This is the payout identifier on stripe if you wish to view the payout on the Stripe dashboard.

Stripe Account: This is the name associated with your Stripe account as defined in the Club Settings -> Stripe Account section on the ClubZap dashboard.

Bank Account: This details the name of your bank and the last 4 digits of the IBAN for this bank account which will receive the payout.

Payments (Charges): This is the number of purchases that make up the payout.

Refunds: This details the number of payments in this scheduled payout which have been refunded.

Net Amount: This is the amount that will land into your clubs bank account.

Actions: View will expand the Payout providing more details on what the payout is made up of.


Note: We don’t show Payouts prior to 1st October 2023 because not all of the data needed to display is available on Stripe for before then.

How soon after a payment is made would it be received into a clubs bank account?

By default Stripe accounts operates on a daily payout schedule with a 3 business day payout speed, Stripe pays out funds daily from transactions captured 3 business days earlier. So if a payment is processed for your club on a Monday this would mean you can expect it to land in your bank account on Thursday.

Why would a recent transaction have no stripe payout ID?

The most recent payments don’t geta Stripe ID assigned until stripe bundles them up that night time. This usually happens between 1am and 6am so should be populated the morning after at the latest.

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