We offer flexible payment options for both Membership, Fundraising and product sales via the Club Shop (e.h: Fundraising draws).

For Membership, Fundraising and Club Shop payment options available are:

  • Once off payment of full amount of product cost

  • Payment via instalments where you can specify the number of iterations as well as the recurring payment period. Note: The Price for this option is the total cost of the product - We will do the calculations to ensure the number of installments adds up to the total price.

For Fundraising and Club Shop payment the following is also available:

  • Recurring Payments: A recurring subscription is like a plan that you want your users to sign up to and pay monthly for the foreseeable future (i.e. pay $20 every month). Note that this is different to paying in installments. Subscribers will have to contact you if they want to unsubscribe from the plan and you can action this on your Stripe 

For more details on setting up these payment options for products click here.


If you wish to setup a fundraising product where people pay €10 per month.

  1. If you wish to sell this as a 12 month subscription you create the product as follows:

  • Price: 120

  • Currency: Euro

  • Allow payments in instalments: Checked

  • Number of instalments: 12

  • Billed every: 1 Month

2. If you wish to sell this as a monthly subscription with no end date you create the product as follows:

  • Price: 10

  • Currency: Euro

  • Make this a recurring subscription: Checked

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