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How can I reconcile ClubZap payments with my Bank statement?
How can I reconcile ClubZap payments with my Bank statement?

Generate a reconciliation report to map ClubZap payments with the revenue transferred from Stripe into your clubs bank account.

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ClubZap uses Stripe to process payments securely. Once a payment has been processed by Stripe it will be transferred to your clubs bank account based on the payout schedule you have configured on your Stripe Account (e.g.: Daily/Weekly/Manually).

When you check your bank statement you will see a number of references to ClubZap and may wonder what these payments were for and who made these payments?

How to reconcile payments?

  1. Generate a reconciliation report via the ClubZap admin portal showing payments processed by ClubZap. This can be filtered on multiple fields including created_at date and Stripe account to refine your report.

  2. Generate a Stripe Payout report via the Stripe admin Portal to see the date when funds were transferred to your bank account.

  3. Link the 2 reports to your bank statement.

Note: The ClubZap reconciliation report and the Stripe Payout report are linked by a Stripe Payout ID .

ClubZap (Stripe Payout ID (PO_xxxx)) <->Stripe (Payout ID (PO_xxxx))

Generate a ClubZap reconciliation report

  1. Login to

  2. Go to Club Settings -> Stripe Accounts -> Generate Reconciliation

  3. Select the columns you wish to export (select default of all fields for a fully detailed export)

  4. Select the date range for the payments you want to reconcile. This is the date the payments were processed. (Note: It is recommended you go back a week from the date payments landed in your bank account if your unsure of the Stripe payout frequency). Select the Stripe account you wish to reconcile - this is applicable for clubs who have multiple Stripe/Bank accounts connected to ClubZap.

  5. Download / Save the output .csv file and open in MS Excel / Google sheets.

Generate a Stripe Payout report

This report details the payments to your clubs bank account.

  1. Login to

  2. From the top menu bar select Balances

  3. Select Payouts to view a list of payment transfers (Note: Paid means the payout has been completed, In Transit means its on its way to your clubs bank account)

  4. Select Export

  5. Select Custom to select your date range

  6. Select Export - You can refine based on payout date if you wish so in this example you could refine based on the date of your Bank statement (e.g: 11/04/2023).

Reconcile your Bank statements with ClubZap payments

Sample Bank Statement

Date shows when money landed in your account.

Total Transferred on 11/04/2023: €636.42

Sample Stripe Transfer Report

Arrival Date shows when money landed in your clubs bank account.

ID (PO_) is the identifier for what those payments were for.

Note: In this example 5 payments were transferred from Stripe on 11/04/2023.

Total Transferred on 11/04/2023: €636.42

Sample ClubZap Reconciliation Report

Stripe Payout ID links the ClubZap payments to the Stripe Payouts.

Net Amount shows the amount paid to the club from each transaction.

Total Net Amount: 636.42

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