There is no limit to the number of parents/guardians associated with a child in a group chat for team communications. This will allow each parent/guardian to stay up to date on events for their kids team.

To avoid the scenario where duplicate responses are recorded for the same child group admins can now merge multiple parents/guardians to the same child.

Note: when a parent/guardian joins a group for the first time they are asked for their status and when they select Parent they are requested to add the child's name. If the child exists already they have the choice to be mapped to that child. If not the group admin can merge those parents/guardians as follows:

  1. Open the chat group

  2. Go to Group Settings by clicking on the Group title or via the 3 dotted button on the top right of screen.

  3. Select the Manage Child Attendees option.

  4. Click on the Merge button opposite the first parent/guardian and then select a tick beside the second parent/guardian to merge.

  5. Click on Merge to save.

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