Email notifications are sent to all lotto entrants on product purchase, product expiry and result publication. The results notifications are triggered when results are published as detailed here as soon as the Draw Complete (Publish Results) checkbox is ticked and results are submitted.

Weekly Result Email

As soon as the club administrator published the lotto results an email notification will be sent to each person who had an entry in that draw. It includes your numbers played and the draws remaining in your subscription. If you are on a Recurring payment the there will be no expiry and draws remaining does not apply. If you are on a 12 week subscription for example it will specify the weeks remaining.

Sample Lotto Results Page displayed when clicking on results:

Email Notification Subscription Expiry

If your subscription has ended your will be notified in your results email and provided with a link to sign up to a new subscription for the same product or choose a new product.

Email Notification on Lotto Purchase

Upon purchase of your product you will receive an email detailing your number selection, number of draws you are entered in and your starting date.

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