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Managing Website Carousel Photos
Managing Website Carousel Photos

Adding and Removing the main photo images from your website.

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The Club Website solution includes a Carousel of images at the top of the home page of your ClubZap powered website that transition automatically across multiple images:

Provided you have Admin access with the relevant privileges you can manage your club settings which define how your club website will appear. 

  1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal using your email and password here 

  2. Select the Club Website link from the main menu followed by Carousel Images.

Note: If this link is not enabled please contact ClubZap Support via email or using the Messenger icon at the bottom of this page. 

Managing Website Images


Add Website Image: Upload new website image
Edit Existing Image: Change an existing image or Image Title/Subtitle/transition number.
Delete Image: Remove an image from the carousel so it will not longer appear on your website.

Image Attributes

Title: The image title appearing below the image detailing what the image represents. (e.g: Senior Ladies Team)
Subtitle: The image subtitle appearing below the title providing more information on the image. (e.g: League winners 2021)

Link: The destination address when the image is clicked. This can be to a Website, NEws Article, Dedicated page on a website etc.
Position: The position attribute dictates the order in which the images appear. You can set it to any whole number. The higher numbers appear further down the list.
The index in the transition list can be set as well as adding new or removing old images.

Image: Selecting the "Choose file" button will allow you to browse your computer for an existing image. 

Create Carousel Image: This button will upload the new image which can take up to 60 seconds to render on the website. Refresh the home page to view the new image. 

Note: This image has to be a very specific size in order for it to render correctly on the website across all devices (desktop, tablet, phone). Please ensure that your image is sized exactly 1144px wide 614px tall

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