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Adding Split the Bucket Draw Results
Adding Split the Bucket Draw Results

Update your weekly draw results for STB.

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Fundraising draw results are managed via the Admin Portal which can be accessed here. If you have issues logging in please refer to another article on Logging into the ClubZap Admin Portal.

Upon successful login to the admin portal select the Lotto link from the left hand menu. If you are unable to see a list of draws please contact for help in configuring your Lotto results setup.

Generate a Winner & Find Jackpot for Split the Bucket

Select Lotto and from the list of draw dates select the draw you wish to find a winner for.

Select View. Once the cutoff has passed, you will see a table at the top of the screen which shows the details of the draw. This includes the revenue for that week.

This example shows that there were 9 players an the revenue was Є45.

A button to generate a random winner will appear - the button only appears when cutoff has passed.

Select the button, you will be asked to confirm you wish to generate a winner. This cannot be undone.

Your winner will then appear with Contact phone no in brackets.


- Tom Fletcher - (213213213215)

Receive Email of Entries for Split the Bucket

To ensure you receive the list of entries via email, select Club Settings; then System Emails. Click to Edit Subscribers for the option 'Club Lotto Draw Entries'. Ensure that the admin is selected and these admins will receive the list of entries for each weeks draw.

To Update & Publish Results of Split the Bucket

From the main lotto screen, select the Update Result Action corresponding to the Draw date you wish to update.

Update Results for Split the Bucket

The following fields must be completed:

Jackpot for this Draw:

Prize available for this weeks draw. This is a numeric value (no commas). e.g: 10000
Jackpot Won:

This should always be ticked for Split the Bucket

Draw Completed (Publish Results):

Tick this if you want the results to be public and generate your email result to all entrants. It is mandatory to check this box.

Draw Winners:

Name: Winners Name

Jackpot: Tick this option as for Split the Bucket the Jackpot is always won.

Push Notification:

Check this option to send a push notification to your followers on the app which will be delivered based on next delivery schedule at 10am or 6pm. More details on notifications here.
Publish to Facebook:

Send the results to Facebook
Publish to Twitter:

Send the results to Twitter

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