Every club will need to create their member types on the Foireann system before they can bulk upload their members from ClubZap. This is a very quick process for your club registrar. The different member types supported on Foireann are

  • Full
  • Youth
  • Social
  • Honourary
  • G4M&O

and with in these member types you have the option of

  • Playing
  • Non-playing

So a regular club will set up the following:

  1. Adult Playing (Full - Covering All Playing Adults (Over 18) including Students)
  2. Adult Non Playing (Full - Covering Non Playing Members)
  3. Youth (Juvenile U18s)
  4. Social
  5. Honourary
  6. G4M&O (Full - Gaelic 4 Mothers & Others)

Setting Up Member Types on Foireann

  1. Login to Foireann here - Provided you are an administrator for your club you will have access to setup your member types. If you do not have access you will need to request it from the GAA Support team here.
  2. Click on the Membership Link on the left hand side and Select your Club.
  3. Click on Add Membership Option button in the MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS tab.
  4. Select your season (e.g: 2021)
  5. Add the Member Type Name (e.g: Adult Playing)

6. Add your member Type - In this case Add Adult as FULL and Players Selected

For this setup only add one member type per Membership Option. You will need to repeat Steps 3-8 for each member option (Youth, Social etc)

7. For Price simply select your Currency as Euro and Set price to 0.00 as you will not be handling payments in this case as payment processing will be done by ClubZap.

Select the Online Visibility to be Club Admins so your members cannot see the product because they should be using your ClubZap membership form to register.

8. Leave the Payment Options as defaulted on the form and select save at the bottom of the form to complete.

Note: You will need to repeat Steps 3-8 above for each member type you wish to create.

Your completed configuration will look like this:

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